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"You guys are amazing!!!
Just wanted to let you know you are fantastic and we appreciate your diligence and speed."

- Canada Based Personal Injury Law Firm

"I remember being hesitant when I instructed the firm to use your (MLS) services. But, I have to say that I have been happy with your company's work."

- IN Based Law Firm

"Thanks for the great work on this file; it was incredibly helpful. We so appreciate the work that your company has done for us to far. We are so pleased with our decision to use your company’s services."

- CA Based Law Firm

"Thank you! The Medical Summary was very helpful and we were able to get a demand turned around yesterday afternoon. John really liked the hyperlinks so we will probably make sure to do that on all of the chronologies moving forward. "

- CA Based PI Lawyer

"Fantastic! Thanks again to everyone who was able to make this happen!
You guys are the best!"

- Dave T., Manager, Record Retrieval/Document Management

"We’re incredibly thankful for your help. We really needed this (medical record summary) done. It will be quite effective for the plaintiff deposition."

- Legal Assistant from Florida

"Our team has been satisfied by your teams work thus far. We will be adding more work to your plate this week."

- Canadian Law Firm

"We will be sending more medical bills and medical records to MLS - your finished product is always awesome!!!"

- Neelam Morelos

"I just received the completed report for Richard W. It looks great. The totals and dates reflect the same as my work up. I'll forward the report on to my team and hopefully they find it as useful."

- Tonja

"Thank you thank you for your fast turnaround, we really appreciate it!"

- Wendy

"In our meetings and depositions with both treating doctors and medical experts, your medical chronology was very helpful, allowing us to get right to the important issues-that's exactly what we were hoping for. Thank you for your outstanding work."

- J. Fiallo

"Your medical record summary was invaluable during my cross examination of the key medical expert. I had the important clinical information from each medical provider in hand and was able to cite critical facts that were hyperlinked directly to the source documents."

- C. Barry

"Medical Legal Spider is helping our firm grow, provide better representation and obtain better results for our clients. MLS has been very responsive to our changing needs, allowing us to allocate in-house resources to areas of the litigation process where they are of more benefit to our cases"

- A. Blanco

"We needed a way to shift the costs of Medical Record Indexing & Summaries from overhead to a client expense. By outsourcing to Medical Legal Spider, we can continue to offer our clients low fees."

- Chris

"Medical Legal Spider has taken a time consuming task of organizing disparate medical records and created a process for Republic that meets our exact requirements for delivery to our clients. We receive superbly organized files, reliable medical summaries, accurate data extraction and rapid turn around. Medical Legal Spider has been able to increase our delivered quality while reducing medical review costs by more than 75%. Our customers live it."

- Peter T. Republic Document Management