Identifying Missing Medical Providers & Records

It’s all about finding the smoking gun!

When you talk with attorneys who regularly litigate any type of bodily injury case, one of the greatest challenges they face is mastering all of the critical details in the relevant medical records. Of particular concern are key providers’ records that may be missing from the file.

Common examples of medical record documentation that may be missing entirely or essentially misplaced in the chart are:

Narrative Notes from the Physicians or Nurses.
Flow Sheets & Progress Notes in random order
Medication Administration Lists.
Notes from Referral Specialists.
Pages missing from any sequenced record, such as a 3 page Physical Therapy report and page 2 is missing.
Discharge Instructions but no Post D/C Follow-up Notes.

Yet, this resource intensive function is routinely left to busy staff or even undertaken by attorneys themselves in a non-systematic manner. How often have large, complex and completely disorganized medical records overwhelmed Paralegals, Legal Assistants and Associates, resulting in workflow bottlenecks and missed key facts?

Medical Legal Spider offers an efficient and affordable solution. During our data extraction and summarizing process, MLS’ experienced reviewers utilize a reliable cross-referencing screen to identify critical missing records and cite the documents where mention is found.

If you’d like to learn more about how Medical Legal Spider can save your case by identifying missing providers’ records, please contact Rick Litzky at 855-677-4337 or

As a former Hospital Administrator, Rick Litzky, VP of Business Development at Medical Legal Spider, brings a unique perspective to our changing healthcare delivery system and effects on medical injury litigation ac service near me. Please contact Rick directly to answer questions, request future research on a topic of your interest or to learn more about Medical Legal Spider’s innovative solutions for improving the medical review experience. He may be reached at 855-677-4337 or

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