What Attorneys Should Outsource in Trial Preparation

In many different kinds of cases, it makes sense for attorneys to outsource particular parts of the trial preparation process. It is simply too much to handle on your own, even if you have a team of paralegals or other attorneys helping you.

Choosing to pass along particular tasks to individuals who specialize in them gives you the opportunity to remain on the case and do what you do best while also allowing outside professionals to do their best work… giving you peace of mind about what to expect. Here are some examples of what should be outsourced in trial preparation.
Case Material Organization

As an attorney, you should not try to do everything yourself. This is actually setting you up for failure or could cause you to feel burned out before the trial has even started. One of the first things that is relatively easy for attorneys to outsource to someone else is to have the medical documents properly organized and indexed.

Having an overview of all the various documents and evidence and potential witness lists that could be included can help to remove irrelevant documentation from your overall files. Having someone else’s eyes review this material could also be extremely helpful so that you have a basic idea of the key facts of the case. Use a medical legal records outsource company to put the documents in chronological order with their medical record indexing service. Files can even be organized by provider, category, or episode.
Identifying Missing Providers & Records

Your employees working on this project might also discover that some information is missing, and they can be instructed to make notes about missing materials or areas where more details are required. Having someone else look over this with fresh eyes might show you where the gaps are and where you need to work to have additional information provided. This can also be completed with available provider bills, so that all medical events have comparable bills.
Medical Records Summaries

Another part of the trial preparation process that can be aided significantly by the help of an outsourced firm is medical records summaries. Putting these medical records together in an organized manner, including a summary, can be extremely helpful for an otherwise-swamped attorney.

The attorney who tries to do this all by himself or herself can find themselves buried in a lot of paperwork and unable to determine what is appropriate. Having someone experienced in organizing medical records, as well as evaluating how to summarize medical records, is extremely beneficial to you. While you might be able to handle this on your own, it is a very poor use of your time and can detract from the other aspects of the case where you should instead be focused workers compensation attorney group. Identifying a medical records summary company you can trust can be the beginning of a long-term relationship with a provider you rely on during trial preparation.

There are medical- legal outsourcing companies that can be used to help you accomplish this goal. Choosing the right medical- legal outsourcing company to organize this information can speed up your trial preparation process and allow you to focus on what is most important.

When you need help with these important aspects of trial preparation, contact Medical Legal Spider today.

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