Why a Comprehensive Medical Record Review is Necessary for Personal Injury Cases

Why a Comprehensive Medical Record Review is Necessary for Personal Injury Cases

A comprehensive medical record review is a necessary part of personal injury cases.  Without a medical record summary or chronology, it’s difficult to know if or when the injury occurred.  By seeking medical documents from doctors, hospitals and ancillary providers, attorneys are able to see the strengths and weaknesses in their case.  They’re also able to determine how large of settlement to demand on behalf of their clients.

Organizing Documents in a Way That Benefits You

A medical records summary company handles the difficult task of organizing important documents for attorneys.  This often involves stacks of records, which can be very time consuming.  The tedious task of sorting through files filled with documents pertaining to a person’s medical history is hard work.  Why not leave that up to specialists who have done it before?

The right medical record summary company is reliable, timely and professional.  They take the time to organize the medical records into a clear, concise, and efficient order.  Record review companies make it easy to read, review, and request that information be added to a chronology, too.  Having a company like this by their side makes an attorney’s job easier when dealing with personal injury cases.

Representing Your Client Better and Easier

When an insurance company wants to challenge the extent of the injuries a person has claimed, they request a copy of the man, woman or child’s medical records.  This allows them to determine whether or not there were pre-existing injuries.    By producing a quality medical record summary, the job of representing your client is easier.

If you are defending a claim, you’ll want to be able to prove your client wasn’t responsible for the injuries the other party sustained.  One of the ways that you’re able to do that is by reviewing the medical records to see if there is a history of personal injury claims.  This allows you to build a case around the notion that the person with the injuries has been involved in lawsuits before.  The medical record summaries remain concrete proof to the time and date the injury was reported and the course of action or treatment that took place.

Finding a Medical Record Summary Company to Work With

If you’re looking for an experienced medical record summary company to work with, ask for an example of their work and willingness to accept a test case.  Keep in mind that Medical Legal Spider is ready and willing to assist you with the personal injury cases you represent.  Our medical record summaries reduce your review time by 25% to 40%.  If that wasn’t helpful enough, each summary provides accurate transcription of handwritten notes.  That means less time spent deciphering illegible writing and more time building a case. Find
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Reach us by phone or email.  We’ll be happy to discuss our medical record summary process and its cost with you.  This will allow you to determine how much to charge your clients in fees going forward.  You won’t absorb the cost of our services and be more likely to use our services for all of your personal injury cases.

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