Why It’s Crucial to Have a Strong Document and Data Management Team Supporting Class Action Litigation

Why It's Crucial to Have a Strong Document and Data Management Team Supporting Class Action Litigation

Hospitals and healthcare providers have gone under fire recently for the amount they charge to supply copies of medical records to attorneys.  In some jurisdictions, there are legislative limits on how much medical documentation supplied to patients and third parties cost.  Many document and data management teams failed to conform to regulations, creating a sizable liability.  Patients who were charged excessive fees filed damage claims which put hospitals and health clinics in debt to the tune of millions of dollars.

Knowledgeable and Easy to Work With

The right document and data management team knows state legislation governing the cost of medical records.  They go above and beyond to make sure that they receive all the documents they need so they can keep costs down.  Their data extraction and summary partners organize medical records in a way where they are easy to read, review, update, and present in a court of law.  The document and data management team simplifies a patient’s medical record by placing it in chronological or other order so it’s easy to see and understand.

Services Provided to Attorneys

Some of the things that we do for the attorneys that use are services include:

  • Provide free samples of our reports for reference purposes.
  • Offer a free trial so you can get acquainted with how we work.
  • Identify as well as highlight pertinent medical information including what is available and what is missing from medical records and non-medical-related documents.
  • Present information in a spreadsheet format so that it’s easy to read, add to, print, and use.
  • Hyperlink source information so you’re able to find it and review it within seconds.
  • Appoint a case manager to you so you receive the support that you need during your class action lawsuit.

Class action lawsuits seldom involve just a handful of people.  That means that you’ll have hundreds if not thousands of clients’ medical histories to go through.  Without having some sort of order to the documents you receive from healthcare providers, you could very well miss important details about a person’s medical treatment.  This is the information that helps win class action lawsuits.

We Offer Custom Support to Meet Your Needs

At Medical Legal Spider, we know the importance of strong documentation and data management.  That’s why we offer the services that we do.  We provide legal professionals with the support they need during class action litigation.  We’re available to answer any questions that come up along the way, too.

When it comes to class action lawsuits, concrete proof in the form of medical records is required.  We take the time to sort through all the documents so you don’t have to.  Call or email us for more information and we’ll get started on your medical record document management or chronologies right away, read more.

We’ve got what it takes to make your class action lawsuit go smoothly.  Take a look at our samples and find out why other attorneys trust us for their medical record management needs.

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