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Identifying Missing Medical Records

Be better prepared and get better results for your clients by having all of the medical records in your possession.

In nature, spider webs are used to catch prey and stop bleeding. Similarly, perhaps no other supplemental service that Medical Legal Spider offers is as critical to your case as identifying all relevant providers and ensuring that their medical records are in your possession.

Unfortunately, perfecting your file is even more difficult today with all of the confusing "note bloat" generated from disparate Electronic Health Records.

Our solution is to have experienced medical document reviewers take on these tedious and time consuming tasks. MLS' reviewers excel at identifying each medical provider mentioned anywhere in the file, including non-authoring physicians. This ensures that a validated list of corresponding notes and records is provided for reconciliation and supplemental record retrieval requests.

Here are three scenario's where Medical Legal Spider identifies who is missing what. What if you could quickly and reliably:
  • Run a detailed screen to Identify Missing & Incomplete Records or mentions of Non-Authoring Physicians. Then you decide what's important and we'll add supplemental records anytime.

  • Match Medical Records and applicable Provider Bills to find gaps in documentation. A simple, yet powerful comparison presented all in one place.

  • Compare & Validate Non-Party Medical Records to files in your possession. MLS will identify who is missing what, then update your master file with what we find.

Previously unknown supplemental records are then time and cost effectively incorporated into the master Medical Index and Medical Summary.