Knowledge Process Outsourcing of Medical Records It’s all about dollars and sense!


No one has to tell successful attorneys that clarity and understanding of medical records is a critical prerequisite to successful litigation in any case involving bodily injury.

Yet, this resource intensive function is routinely left to busy staff or even undertaken by attorneys themselves. How often have large, complex and completely disorganized medical records overwhelmed your Paralegals and Legal Assistants, resulting in workflow bottlenecks, missed key facts and hampered efforts to grow the firm?

Now, small and mid-size law firms can stay competitive with the largest firms. The answer is found in Knowledge Process Outsourcing for reliable, timely, cost-effective and thorough production of perfectly organized medical files, easy to digest chronological summaries and instant, on-demand file navigation to all source documents.

You should expect that the value-adding KPO method of managing even the most disparate medical records will deploy and deliver:

Specialized Medical Document Reviewers for extracting clinical data and provider documentation, even from handwritten notes.
Embedded Quality Control to assure the highest degree of accuracy in all KPO deliverables.
Sophisticated Applied Technology for consistency, while accommodating unique aspects of each case, such as identifying missing medical records and creating medical billing summaries so you can keep pace with any amount of new case files on a timely basis.
Reduced overhead and conversion of a fixed to variable cost easily expensed to the case file.
More productive, happier staff and elimination of workflow interruptions.

If you’d like to learn more about how Knowledge Process Outsourcing can work for your firm, please contact Rick Litzky at 855-677-4337 or

As a former Hospital Administrator, Rick Litzky, VP of Business Development at Medical Legal Spider, brings a unique perspective to our changing healthcare delivery system and effects on medical injury litigation. Please contact Rick directly to answer questions, request future research on a topic of your interest or to learn more about Medical Legal Spider’s innovative solutions for improving the medical review experience. He may be reached at 855-677-4337 or

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