Why Reviewing Medical Records Can Be Challenging for Attorneys

Why Reviewing Medical Records Can Be Challenging for Attorneys

There are a number of reasons why reviewing medical records can be challenging for attorneys.  One of the major roadblocks that legal professionals face is accessing patient medical records after death.  Physician-patient privilege laws prevent the release of medical information without a patient’s consent which is hard to do when the patient is deceased.

Physician-Patient Privilege Laws

In some cases, physician-patient privilege laws pose a challenge for attorneys.  Because privacy laws exist, unless a patient gives consent to release medical documents they may not be available for review.  If the patient is deceased, it’s even more difficult to access medical records without the assistance of a surviving spouse, next of kin or appointed representative look at more info.

Insufficient Documentation

Some other issues that come into play with medical records is insufficient documentation.  It happens sometimes with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) because physicians fail to get to know the software prior to using it.  They take long, rambling notes that exceed the fields allotted to documentation, omit information or fail to fill in fields where no information is needed or given.

Blank Spaces and Omitted Fields Cause Confusion

Blank spaces often confuse and make it difficult to determine whether a patient’s family history was taken into account or whether or not, the medications they’re taking were asked about and documented properly.  Attorneys cannot guess or assume anything when reviewing medical records.  When blank spaces pose a problem, they must contact the medical professional who provided them for clarification.

Additional Time and Resources Needed for Clarification

Not only does that take time, it also requires additional resources.  With so many other things to do to prepare for a case, many attorneys do not want the task of clarifying medical documentation when the medical professionals could have easily done it themselves.  It slows down the legal process when a legal professional has to ask for additional information on documents that have already been submitted for review.

Patience and Persistence Pay Off

Reviewing medical records can be a challenge for attorneys but one that is overcome with patience, persistence and attention to detail.  Because medical documents play such a crucial role in many lawsuits, it’s important to make sure they’re readable, easy to scan, and usable.  Having a legal medical team help prepare medical chronologies gives attorneys an advantage because the documentation is prepared in the order it took place.  The legal medical professionals also use terminology that law professionals understand.

Work with a Company That Simplifies Medical Records for You

Working with a medical records summary company like Medical Legal Spider makes it possible for attorneys to meet deadlines even when medical records challenge them.  Our attention to details and commitment to professionalism is what makes us stand out to the legal professionals that choose to use our services.  Contact us today with your questions and we’ll be sure to answer them quickly and accurately.  We’re here to help you make sense of the medical records you need to present a case.  Call or email us today for more information about the services we provide.

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