Data Extraction


Data Extraction and Customized Support

Save time, effort, and frustration when faced with the need to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each case resulting in optimum client outcome.

Comprehensive Data Identification

Efficiently identify and highlight both available and missing medical information, as well as client-specified common facts from medical and non-medical documents.

Meaningful Data Extraction

Extract data for meaningful guidance, including provider lists, diagnostics and imaging, treatments, and preexisting conditions.

Scalable Solutions

Reduce your firm's overhead with Medical Legal Spider's scalable solution, designed to meet all your varying caseload demands.

Organized Data Presentation

Display the data in any defined sequence or grouping for easy visualization of key clinical, timeline, or other essential indicators. Typically, the extracted data is presented in a spreadsheet format.

Hyperlinked Documentation

All extracted data entries can be hyperlinked to the source medical documentation for easy reference.

Dedicated Project Manager

A Project Manager will be assigned to define your specifications and monitor the process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Partner with Medical Legal Spider for efficient data extraction and customized support, ensuring thorough analysis and seamless integration with your existing systems.