Medical Record Summaries


Narrative Medical Record Summaries

Streamline your review process with Medical Legal Spider's fact-based chronologies and summaries. Free up your in-house staff for essential litigation support tasks.

Medical Record Summaries

Gain a clear understanding of crucial medical information without sifting through every document. Our narrative summaries meticulously detail the who, what, when, where, and user-defined clinical data from each pertinent medical encounter, organized either chronologically or in reverse order. For seamless access to source documents, hyperlinks are embedded in the index and throughout the summary.

Customized Format: Medical Legal Spider ensures that all chronologies and summaries are delivered in your preferred format.

AttestaAI as an Optional Solution: Our AttestaAI platform is available as an optional service, offering a streamlined, standardized summary at 50% less cost than our human review services. This is ideal for lower-value cases and situations where speed is a priority.

1. Rapid Case Assessment

Quickly identify your cases' strengths and weaknesses for potential settlement values.

2. Visual Clarity

Easily visualize all injuries, diagnostic timelines, treatment periods, and involved providers.

3. Simplified Summaries

Our summary formatting clearly displays clinical data, injury/illness history, treatments, medications, and other essential facts for easier use.

4. Efficiency Gains

Organized medical record summaries can reduce review time by 25% to 40%.

5. Accurate Transcriptions

Me: Medical Legal Spider's summaries provide precise transcriptions of all records including handwritten notes.

6. Robust Quality Control

Our established processes and stringent quality control measures prevent typographical errors.

7. Instant Document Access

Embedded hyperlinks in summaries provide immediate access to all cited source documents.

We support case files of all sizes - from 100 to 100,000 pages - and accommodate your supplementary documents as well.