We support Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys, Insurers and Insurance Service Companies, Medical Experts, Legal Nurse Consultants, and Record Retrieval Companies.

Medical Legal Spider has been a leading provider of medical record review services since 2007. Each year, we process millions of pages of medical records with over 300 experienced reviewers and advanced AI technology. We are renowned for our accuracy, reliability, commitment to timely delivery, and adherence to budget.

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We maintain robust operating procedures and IT infrastructure to ensure compliance

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
ISO 27001:2015 Certified Company
ISO 27001:2015 Certified Company
HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
Legal case management software

Medical Records Summary

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Legal case management software

Organizing and Indexing

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Legal case management software

Identifying Missing Records

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Legal case management software

Special Medical Record Services

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Who we are?

About Medical Legal Spider

Legal case management software
Legal case management software

Transforming Medical Document Review
We revolutionize medical document review by converting a challenging, resource-intensive task into an efficient, process-driven outsourced solution.

Legal case management software

Empowering Informed Decisions
We equip our clients with essential tools to make the most informed case decisions, utilizing all available medical documentation.

Legal case management software

Strategic Partnerships to Cut Costs
We partner with our clients to reduce operating costs and overhead, enabling the reassignment of skilled staff to focus on their core competencies.

Legal case management software

Scalable and Flexible Solutions
We provide scalable and flexible options that allow client firms to tackle the most challenging cases or manage a high volume of medical records effectively.

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Take advantage of our on-demand human review to receive exactly what you need, tailored to your preferred format, and save up to 40%. Alternatively, choose AttestaAI our AI platform built on 20 years of expertise for streamlined access to data and insights in a standard format, saving up to 60%.

Medical Chronology


Effortlessly trace the timeline of medical events to support case analysis and presentation.

Chaotic Files


Transform disorganized medical files into orderly, accessible documents.

Missing Records


Quickly pinpoint any gaps in medical documentation to ensure case completeness.

Billing Summary


Consolidate billing information for a clear view of medical expenses and related treatments.

Hyperlinked Access


Navigate directly to source documents with hyperlinks for swift and easy reference.

Record Coding


Record inventory to manage even the most extensive medical files, ensuring easy access.

Enhanced Service

Why US Based Customer Support!

Direct Service to American Customers

Directly serving American customers allows MLS to effectively manage case files for all claims and litigation filed in the United States, ensuring a positive impact on case management and outcomes.


Legal and Compliance Expertise

Certain industries require strict adherence to US regulations and standards. Having a US-based customer support team familiar with local laws ensures MLS maintains compliance and provides informed assistance to clients. HIPAA compliance is a good example.


Competitive Advantage

Providing exemplary customer service in the US market enables MLS to help its clients distinguish themselves from competitors. This leads to increased customer loyalty, referrals, and ultimately, enhanced market share.


Cultural Understanding

US customer support teams possess a deep understanding of cultural, legal, and insurance nuances specific to American claims and litigation. This alignment enhances customer satisfaction by addressing their unique preferences and needs.


Language Accessibility

English is the predominant language in the US, facilitating seamless communication between MLS and its American clients. Resources are also available for medical record translations when needed, ensuring effective support across diverse linguistic needs.


Time Zone Coverage

Operating customer support in the US enables MLS to provide timely assistance during American business hours. This ensures prompt responses and support, enhancing overall service reliability for customers.


MLS Commitment to Excellence

By offering US-based customer support, MLS demonstrates its commitment to delivering high-quality service and timely assistance tailored specifically for American customers.


Overall, maintaining US customer support is a strategic business decision for MLS. It aims to improve customer experience, optimize the value of support services, and empower clients to maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets.


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Medical Legal Spider has significantly improved the quality of files and medical summaries, while also reducing medical review costs by 75%. Customers are highly satisfied with the service.

-Vice President Medical Records Management Firm

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