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Why Choose Medical Legal Spider?

Medical Legal Spider is a subsidiary of CAP Digisoft Solutions Inc., a global professional service company offering comprehensive services, including Business Process as a Service, Software Development as a Service, Sales as a Service, and Marketing as a Service. Medical Legal Spider was founded 20 years ago in response to a client's need for medical summaries in case documents, Medical Legal Spider has since specialized in medical record services, making it our primary focus.

    Our Expertise
  • Primary Service Focus: While medical record services might be secondary for our clients, they are our primary focus. With over 300 trained and experienced medical reviewers supported by an internal technology team, we ensure precision and quality in every review.
  • Advanced Technology: Our process engineers continually seek opportunities to automate processes, reduce human errors, and leverage the most modern collaboration platforms. This dedication to innovation is at the heart of our service delivery.

Our Solutions

Managed Services

Our managed services are fully handled by our skilled human resources. We receive your files, process them based on your custom requirements, and deliver the processed documents back to you. To enhance efficiency, avoid human errors, and ensure accuracy, our team mandatorily uses advanced internal tools and technologies during the review process. This hands-on approach ensures personalized and meticulous service, tailored to meet your specific needs.

AI-Based Review Platform - AttestaAI

We have developed AttestaAI, an advanced AI review platform that leverages our decades of document experience. AttestaAI understands medical documents, their characters, boundaries, and context, allowing clients to upload case medical files and download processed files without any human interaction. This self-service solution offers speed and efficiency, utilizing our extensive knowledge transferred into AI technology.

Special Visual Module

The platform features a special visual module where clients can visually see the chronology of case files in a timeline view. This on-the-go web application allows clients to access their case files from anywhere, review them, add notes, and generate usable documents on the fly. This self-service solution offers speed and efficiency, utilizing our extensive knowledge transferred into AI technology.

Proven Track Record

Medical Legal Spider has processed millions of pages of documents, meeting critical deadlines and successfully deciphering even the most challenging handwritten notes. Our experience and dedication ensure that we deliver reliable and accurate results every time.

Choose Medical Legal Spider

By choosing Medical Legal Spider, you partner with a team committed to excellence, driven by innovation, and focused on your needs. Let us help you streamline your processes, reduce overhead, and achieve the best outcomes for your cases with our managed services and advanced AI platform, AttestaAI.

Why us?

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Take advantage of our on-demand human review to receive exactly what you need, tailored to your preferred format, and save up to 40%. Alternatively, choose AttestaAI our AI platform built on 20 years of expertise for streamlined access to data and insights in a standard format, saving up to 60%.

Medical Records

Make sure you are well-informed about all the important medical details related to your case.

Legal Proceedings

A comprehensive medical history database is essential for all legal proceedings, from settlement reviews to trial.

Time Management

It is possible to lessen your review time and allocate your knowledgeable personnel for more important tasks.

Profitable Expense

You can reduce your costs by up to 40% and convert overhead expenses into billable file expenditure.

Accurate Informations

Improve screening for merit, identify problem cases earlier and more accurately determine settlement values.


We provides secure file transfer through their private system or a commercial cloud-based platform.

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Cases Supported

Automobile Accidents

We can assist you with the entire insurance claim process, from initial filing to negotiations with the insurance adjuster to litigation.

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Complex Medical Record

MLS transforms complex medical records into useful, easy-to-work-with information, so you can focus on building a winning case.

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MLS is a software designed to address litigation support needs in the medical-legal market.

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