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  • The Problem

    A growing mid-sized law firm was losing control of critical medical information and documentation following the record retrieval process. Internal staff was swamped and falling further behind, attorneys were uneasy that they were fully knowledgeable about their cases and overhead costs continued to increase.

  • The Solution

    Following a Medical Legal Spider consultation and completion of several formatting samples to perfect the deliverable, the firm settled on a custom Narrative Summary, supported by Hyperlinks to all of the salient source documentation. Both the Summary and Medical Records are presented Chronologically for easy cross-reference by the firm's attorneys and expert medical reviewers.

    While creating a standard format for their firm, these attorneys also preserved the options of submitting special instructions and rush turn around requests.

  • The Outcomes

    In all aspects, Medical Legal Spider has met or exceeded each unique case requirement. Through the new client development process, Medical Legal Spider helped improve this firm's Summary format, delivering perfectly prepared files on-time, at lower cost and with reliable accuracy. The firm has also transformed this previous overhead expense to a predictable charge that is billable to each case file.